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Existing Customers
​Simple - install in seconds
Perfect for keeping family members safe and protected while on the road
Reliable and cost effective way to monitor teen and elderly drivers
Plugs into the vehicle's OBD* port under the steering column
Optional cable available for remote mounting
u-TRAQ auto
New Customers
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** We can provide installation for local customers if necessary.  Installation fees apply and varies depending on installer.
* The location of the OBD port in cars manufactured since 1996 can be found at
Key features of the mapping software include click-to-locate, over-speed alerts, live tracking, trip reporting, Geo-fence set-up and boundary violation alerts, idle reports and more.
"u-TRAQ is truly "plug and play." Simple to install hardware. Easy to set-up tracking account. 
Couldn't be simpler."
"Finally. A true
cost effective
​way to manage a personal real-time GPS tracker.
With U-TRAQ, I can track where my children or elderly parents are and where they have been. And with the Locate Now feature, I am with my vehicle."
​u-TRAQ auto with 1 year of service with the Basic Plan
GPS kit-#1
GPS kit-#2
​u-TRAQ auto with 1 year of service with the Advance Plan
More Promotions
  • Service Plans for 2 years or more wave activation fee.
  • Get more discounts with 3 vehicles or more.
  • Covert GPS vehicle tracking gives you the peace of mind and security of knowing where your kids are and where they have been.
  • u-TRAQ helps you ensure your teenage drivers are practicing save driving habits.
  • Save fuel and service calls responds time by always knowing where your drivers are.
  • Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Recover your vehicle fast in a towing situation

GPS Tracking and Burglar Alarms in Miami

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